‘Inspirations’ by Saxon


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


Saxon, the metal titans return with a brand new album that focuses on their inspirations.

“Paint It Black,” gets the heart rate going, pushing through the tempest of time and space. Biff Byford is on fine form here, indeed the whole band is. What a great start.

“Paperback Writer,” is an interesting choice, turning through the whirlpool of time and creating some serious swagger.

“Bomber,” a Motorhead classic and a fitting tribute to one of Saxon’s great friends, hits hard and fast. Burning with passion and energy. It shines through and the band are alight.

“The Rocker,” has all that classic Thin Lizzy swagger and groove. It punches hard and fast, ensuring nobody turns over. This is classic.

“See My Friends,” works up a sweat. Turning through and inside out, burning with passion.

“Stone Free,” gets the people going, shimmering and shining a light. Rocking out and turning the screws.

Be sure to get the record when it comes out on 19th March via Silver Lining Music/Militia Guard.