‘CARPE DIEM’ by Saxon


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Carpe Diem,” is a blistering opener of a song. One that combines classic Saxon throttle with newer sensibilities that turn and twist at the edge.

“The Pilgrimage,” is epic. A song that combines soaring melodies with a pounding riff and ensures the listener is never left to ponder. A song that captures all that is pure regarding Saxon and metal.

“Remember The Fallen,” is a fitting tribute to all that has come and gone. A nod to the circumstances the world finds itself in and how the workers of the world have striven to protect us all.

“Lady In Gray,” shimmers and shifts, never quite letting flows through. A song that hints at something more whilst never quite revealing it.

“Black Is The Night,” is a monster of a finisher. A song that grumbles through toward a striven and stroven sense of sensibility, a song that hits with full force and never stops.

Carpe Diem is a phenomenal album out on 4th February via Silver Lining Music.