‘Final Day’ by Satan’s Fall


  • Miika Kokko / Vocals

  • Lassi Tiainen / Guitar

  • Tomi Mäenpää / Guitar

  • Joni Petander / Bass

  • Ville Aatsinki / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Forever Blind

  • Madness (Finds A Way)

  • They Come Alive

  • Retribution

  • Juggernaut

  • There Will Be Blood

  • The Flamekeeper

  • Final Day

“Forever Blind,” is the epic opener to the new Satan’s Fall album. The guitar leads blend together expertly and craft something new and powerful together that gives the listener the needed anticipation for the unleashing of the riff and vocal frenzy that follows. “Madness (Finds A Way),” gallops through the darkened night, delivering something powerful and crafty. “They Come Alive,” soars and bites, bringing together a galloping melody, an unchained sensibility and passion.

“There Will Be Blood,” cuts daggers and brings together some seriously groovy and influential darkness and melodies. The leads on this song absolutely shred. “The Flamekeeper,” pushes the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable, it brings together a world of passion and projectiles, delivering the goods whilst holding out the promise for more. “Final Day,” the conclusion to the album is simply epic, unleashing chaos and darkness for all to see, it works through the catacombs of time.

The album is out on 11th December.