‘Hate’ by Sarcófago


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Song For My Death

  • Pact of Cum

  • The God’s Faeces

  • Satanic Terrorism

  • Orgy Of Flies

  • Hate

  • The Phantom

  • Rhabdovirus

  • The Beggar’s Uprising

  • Anal Vomit

“Song For My Death,”kicks off proceedings with a distorted sense of rage. A guttural cavern for all to see.

“Pact of Cum,” barrels into being and smashes preconceived notions.

“The God’s Faeces,” delivers a blinding smash to the face.

“Satanic Terrorism,” batters the doors down and allows the listener into the hellscape.

“Orgy of Flies,” slowly shifts the tenor around before smashing and grabbing the world for all to see.

“Hate,” vanishes through the time stream, around and about before delivering a smash to the face.

“The Phantom,” moves with practised ease into the world of fire.

“Rhabdovirus,” is a sludge fest.

“Anal Vomit,” shutters into being.

“The Beggar’s Uprising,” continues down the pathway of darkest descent.

The album is out on 15th May via Greyhaze Records.