‘Ready For Boarding’ by Running Wild


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Under Jolly Roger,” is alive with fire and sprite. Delivering the goods.

“Raise Your Fist,” slams down hard, pressing through the cartpool of tide and time, to bring something ferocious forward.

“Mordor,” slams down, eerily strangely and bringing together something intricate.

“Raw Ride,” slams down, bringing the break-neck to the forefront of the tiding time.

“Prisoner Of Our Time,” slowly throttles the great goat, hitting the tide and bringing newness to the chaos.

“Riding The Storm,” is ferocious.

“Raw Ride,” slithers and slakes. A song that creeps over the edges of the mind.

“Tortuga Bay,” takes the listener to a new world.

“Conquistadores,” is ferocious and agile.

The album is out on 27th May via BMG.