‘Crossing The Blades’ by Running Wild


  • Rolf Kasparek / Vocals and Guitar

  • Peter Jordan / Guitar

  • Michael Wolpers / Drums

  • Ole Hempelmann/ Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Crossing The Blades

  • Stargazed

  • Strutter

  • Ride On The Wild Side

“Crossing The Blades,” the title track on this E.P. bangs right from the get go. The duelling guitars set a nice tone, and the rhythms are on point throughout. Rocking Rolf is on point as well, narrating the tales of old and woe perfectly. This song has to be in the setlist when the band take to the stage in the future.

“Stargazed,” gets the rocking riff going. The drums move with temperature and everything unleashes. This is a real groover and another song that has to be featured in the setlist when the time comes.

“Duelling Guitars”

“Strutter,” a cover of the classic Kiss song is given the Running Wild treatment. And boy does it work. It swaggers through on that mighty power base, and takes it from there. Sweltering in the heat, bringing together the lines and the power. The chorus is just out of this world.

“Ride On The Wilde Side,” is filled with swagger, it takes and takes, bringing everything to the fore, and shredding to its heart’s content. This is the right way to end such a glorious E.P.

Crossing The Blades is out on 6th December via Steamhammer/SPV. Be sure to get it and feed your hunger until 2020.