‘Blood on Blood’ by Running Wild


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Blood on Blood,” the heavy and emphatic opening track of the new Running Wild album really sets the tone for the rest of the record. Galloping through the turnstiles and unleashing chaos, the song soars and turns. Turning things into dust with just a touch.

“Say Your Prayers,” turns through. A song that gets the stop-start feeling of time going, hitting its stride through a chaotic midriff and then bringing together an jubilant forecourt.

“Wild and Free,” runs toward the bright lights of time. A song that shimmers toward the melody of chaos and insanity. Rolf’s voice is pristine.

“One Night, One Day,” slowly turns through the twisting shires of the mind. Bringing together elements of purpose and levity, before turning into an absolute shredder to show off the talents of the band.

“Wild, Wild Nights,” gets its groove on, turning into a rocker, shifting through the keys and burning with passion and desire for all to see.

“The Iron Times:1618-1648,” is epicness at its best. A story unfolds across the 10 minutes the song lasts, starting with the uncertain beginnings and continuing through thirty years of war and heaviness. Rolf’s voice soars through, bringing the story to life, shining a light on all that has happened and all that has gone and will come again.

This is a real return from Running Wild. A phenomenal album. Be sure to get it when it comes out on 29th October via Steamhammer/SPV.