‘Time II: Party’ by Rumahoy


  • Captain Yarrface / Vocals

  • Bootsman Walktheplank / Guitar

  • Cabinboy Treasurequest / Bass

  • Swashbuckling Pete / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Cowboys Of The Sea

  • Time To Party

  • Treasure Gun

  • The Legend Of Captain Yarrface

  • Harambe The Pirate Gorilla

  • Poop Deck Party

  • The Beer From My Town Is Better Than Yours

  • 1000 Years Of Dust

  • Full Mast

  • Stolen Treasure

“Cowboys of the Sea,”kicks proceedings off with electricity and energy. The guitars, the synths the instrumentation, all of it just brings a smile to the listener’s face. What an introduction.

“Time To Party,” jingles and jangles, turning through the storm and bringing together an interesting sense of melody and possibility.

“Treasure Gun,” is anthemic. A rager of a song that brings out everyone’s inner pirate.

“The Legend of Captain Yarrface,” grooves and shakes. The riffs are something to behold, the energy and the pace of the song is evenly timed and gets the blood pumping.

“Harambe The Pirate Gorilla,” works within the confines of the riff and expands outward to deliver a perfect rebuttal to the seriousness of the times.

“Poop Deck Party,” is a rager. A song that captures the party feel of the band.

“The Beer From My Town Is Better Than Yours,” is all fun and games. The riffs move in and out and capture an interesting spirit.

“1000 Years of Dust,” rolls in with the times and brings about a slightly epic feel through the appropriate use of melody and instrumentation.

“Full Mast,” goes for the slow grooving vibe, shifting the tenor of things.

“Stolen Treasure,” is a riffer and a half and the perfect way to finish things off, especially given its funny poking of Alestorm.

This beauty of an album is out on 17th July via Napalm Records.