‘Demonstar’ by Rubicon


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Demonstar,” is thunderous and aggressive. It takes no prisoners as it batters its way through the stratosphere, turning and twisting like a snake through the cardinal pool. The vocals turn and twist, luring the listener in and turning them through.

“Last Floor of Hell,” is another ripper. One that turns the heat up several notches. Burning through the traptide and hinting at chaos lurking beneath the surface. A song and a half.

“Speed of Night,” turns through and twists out. Slithering through the discordant pools of time and space. Hinting at darkness and much more.

“If It Bleeds,” turns the darkness out. Slashing the grasping straw-filled hands of the turnpike. It hints and turns, before lathering up.

“Robot God,” becomes an interval, woven with darkness and politeness, weaving a slickness in and out.

“Line of Dreams,” hits the turnpike. A solid finish.

The album is out on 16th July.