‘Dystopia’ by Royal Hunt


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Inception F451,” slowly brings about a build up toward chaos and infernal energy.

“Burn,” kicks off the album properly with some seriously groovy riffs and melodies. The vocals are on point throughout and the listener is engaged from the get go into the world of mystery and sonorous affairs that is created.

“The Eye Of Oblivion,” starts with a harmony and then builds into a maddening cacophony of melody and darkness. Everything is subtly arranged and developed to heighten the listener’s senses and to allow them to groove and move with a patience and deliverance so often lacking in modern music.

“Hound Of The Damned,” brings about a darkened aroma to proceedings, shifting through the temperance of the world and delivering something new and frightening to the world.

“Snake Eyes,” is a proper melodical contraption, starting off softly before eventually building into a hurricane of energy and awareness.

The album is out now.