‘Born Of Fire’ by Ross The Boss


  • Ross The Boss / Guitar

  • Marc Lopes / Vocals

  • Mike LePond / Bass

  • Lance Barnewold / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Glory To The Slain

  • I Am The Sword

  • Fight The Fight

  • Shotgun Evolution

  • Denied By The Cross

  • Maiden Of Shadows

  • Born Of Fire

  • Demon Holiday

  • Godkiller

  • Waking The Moon

  • Undying

  • The Blackest Heart

Ross The Boss, a heavy metal legend in his own right returns with a brand spanking new album entitled Born Of Fire.

“Glory To The Slain,” comes barrelling into being, a real rocker that contains some seriously gnarly vocal performances.

“I am The Sword,” is another song that barrels into being. It demonstrates some interesting shifting melodies and a general pathway to destruction and chaos.

“Fight The Fight,” slowly weaves its way into being. Producing something intriguing and also something that towers above the normal fray, slowly ensuring that the listener is hooked on the platform.

“Shotgun Evolution,” is epic. The tone and texture of the song is filled with melodic contours that really give a sense of where the band are at, and how they might well progress.

“Denied By The Cross,” is a bit of a riff sandwich, a song that slowly twists its way through the pantheon and into the listener’s mind to fully imbue itself into the pathway of the world.

“Maiden Of Shadows,” is an epic song, one that packs a serious punch. Containing a barrel of riffs and a melodic twist in the vocals, the synth elements are an added bonus.

“Born Of Fire,” is the title track and boy is it a ripper. It comes galloping into being and immediately grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go at all. Combining a biting sense of wit within the lyrics and a monster of a riff it ensures the listener is left wanting more.

“Demon Holiday,” embarks on the soulful destruction of the planet in the name of a good time. It brings out the best and the worst in the listener and ensures that a good time is had by all.

“Godkiller,” is a roaring anthem for the destruction of normalcy.

“Waking The Moon,” is haunting and slightly terrifying, it stalks the pathways of the mind and brings out some darker and more sinister elements within the listener.

“Undying,” gallops along, beating the pathway and taking some serious liberties as it goes along.

“The Blackest Heart,” closes out proceedings and shreds quite completely through.

The album is out on 6th March via AFM Records.