‘Drifting’ by Rory Taillon


  • Rory Taillon / Vocals


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Wonder

  • Alone

  • Scapegoat

  • Does It Matter?

  • Float

  • Wilful and Blind

  • Breathing

  • Tether

  • Welcome

“Wonder,” the opening song on this Rory Taillon album is slow moving, thoughtful and collective. It allows the vocals to really shine through and deliver on their promise. A song that captures the imagination.

“Alone,” is slow and thoughtful.

“Scapegoat,” works into the melodies of time. A song that captures the wonder of the world. Rory Taillon truly shines through here.

“Does It Matter?” is led by the acoustic guitar, which delivers a mournful tune throughout the song and encourages introspection.

“Float,” shimmers on the ground, delivering a pushing sensation. A song that captures the world through and through.

“Wilful and Blind,” is haunting and mournful.

“Breathing,” ups the ante slightly, making the words move off the page and into the listener’s mind.

“Tether,” shifts the body through and ensures the listener is left wanting more. Rory Taillon has truly delivered.

“Welcome,” finishes things off on a more upbeat frequency.

The album is out now.