‘Rise’ by Ron Coolen


  • Kevin St John / Vocals

  • Goran Edman / Vocals

  • Christopher Amott / Vocals

  • Sam Walters / Vocals

  • Chris Clancy / Vocals

  • Ron Coolen / Guitar

  • George Lynch / Guitar

  • Joey Concepcion/ Guitar

  • Stephan Forte / Guitar

  • Thorsten Koehne / Guitar

  • Johannes Persson / Guitar

  • Daniel Verberk / Guitar

  • Steve Lamb / Guitar


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Big Devil Data

  • White Summer

  • Too Late To Surrender

  • Sin City

  • Gotta Shoot Your Devils Down

  • Ashes To Ashes

  • Paradise

  • Kill Kill Kill

  • Rise

  • Stories

  • From Your Mouth

  • Selfishness

“Big Devil Data,”is an absolute screamer of a song. It goes in with a thunderous approach and balances out quite well, to show off its skills.

“White Summer,” takes a darker turn and shifts the pendulum ever so slightly.

“Too Late To Surrender,” ventures into the abyss, a song that brings out the darker side of humanity.

“Sin City,” embraces the sins and develops a catchy melody to go along with it.

“Gotta Shoot Your Devils Down,” barrels into being. A song that gets the blood pumping.

“Ashes To Ashes,” rolls into town with a swagger that is unmatchable.

“Paradise,” is slow moving, a thoughtful song and one that gradually changes the discourse.

“Kill, Kill, Kill,” rolls in hard and smashes down the doors.

“Rise,” slams the breaks in hard.

“Stories,” moves with energy and aggression.

“From Your Mouth,” pushes in hard and ensures the listener is hooked.

“Selfishness,” turns and twists and slams.