‘Standing On The Edge’ by Robin Mcauley


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Thy Will Be Done,” is bombastic and powerful. A song immediately hooks the listener in. It moves from one turn to another, slowly shifting the temperature and hitting the listener right in the gut.

“Late December,” gets contemplative. The listener is forced to examine themselves and go about some introspection. A song that allows the vocals to truly shine through.

“Say Goodbye,” runs in and out. Bringing the best of the eighties together with the sultry overtones of the modern day. A song that truly captures a special moment of rock and roll.

“Run Away,” hits differently. Slowing down, bringing contemplation to the fore and driving the listener to assess where they stand.

“Wanna Take A Ride,” is groovy and thoughtful.

“Running Out Of Time,” drives the force through, hinting at the sultry notions of time and space. It is a rocker that truly capitalises on all and sundry.

The album is out on 7th May.