‘Rock N Roll Daydream’ by Riff Raiders


  • Jenni Powell / Vocals

  • Marty Powell / Guitar

  • Josh King/ Guitar

  • Ron E Smith / Bass

  • Ross Hetherington / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Loaded Gun

  • Stop Looking At Me

  • Samantha Jones

  • No Words

  • Best Day Ever

  • Light

  • When I’m Dreaming

  • Stepping On A Cloud

  • Standing On My Own

  • Sunset To Sunrise

  • Shade

“Loaded Gun,” kicks off proceedings and is straight ahead rock and roll. A song that really grooves and shakes.

“Stop Looking At Me,” goes in hard with the heaviness, twisting and turning through the shimmering light.

“Samantha Jones,” has an interesting twist in it. Turning through the boiling vision and producing a swaggering groove.

“No Words,” is slow moving, with a darkened touch.

“Best Day Ever,” goes for the anthemic push, with the melodies jiving quite hard and never quite slooshing through.

“Light,” swamps the listener and delivers an interesting push and shove melody.

“When I’m Dreaming,” swaggers through, ballsy and bold. There’s no stopping this song once it gets going, and there’s no need to. It is a thrill and a half.

“Stepping On A Cloud,” goes all in and turns the dial up quite a lot.

“Standing On My Own,” is a call and response, a song that really bustles with energy.

“Sunset to Sunrise,” shimmers and groans, turning the screws ever so slightly.

“Shade,” shimmies and shivers.

The album is out on 24th March.