“Sickness Divine,” kicks off with a haunting acoustic melody. You get the sense as a listener that something major is about to hit, as the song continues to build throughout, there is that constant anticipation of more things to come. “Face The Pain,” is a raging riff monster. It roars through, slapping the listener right in the face and making sure that they know just where the gauntlet has been pushed. “Sword Without A Sheath,” takes the screws and twists them some more. It turns the rage into something completely raging, smashing through them all and leaving room for headbanging and not much else. “The Anvil’s Ring,” is harmonic, melodic and filled with some sort of longing that touches on something basic and primal within the listener. “Sheep May Unsafely Graze,” roars through. Galloping along like a complete madman it twists and turns, never quite allowing the listener to settle down.

“Path of Discipline,” is slow moving, and filled with energy. It has a riff the size of Black Sabbath as its main driver. Throughout the song there is that sense that some sort of monster rager is about to hit. That sense of anticipation and build allows the listener to really get into the groove. “Refuse To Be Bound By Chains,” is anthemic. Filled with the potential for greatness, it roars hard and moves without ever stopping for breath. “Dreadful Perception,” allows the guitars to do much of the talking. Slowly moving backwards and forwards, shifting the tone and the scope of the mentality before unleashing chaos. “Ravage,” roars through. Turning the screws this way and that, smacking down the chaos and bringing it all to light. “Exhalation of Decay,” turns it on for another several levels, before bringing things to a new high.

The album is out on 29th November via Century Media Records.