‘Kindred: Act II’ by Red Cain


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Kindred,” kicks things off with an intriguing flight into guitarist paradise, shimmering through the cabins of time and the mind, whirring the world into a space of time. The vocals immediately hook the listener in.

“Demons,” get the rage on, bringing some intriguing symphonic beats into the mix to push the listener forward and outward.

“Baltic Fleet,” turns the wheel, haunting the cacophony of time and regality.

“Sons of Veles,” is a mastermind of a song. A cartwheeling and turnstiling song that combines heaviness and raw rage.

“Sunshine,” finishes things off with a subtle twitch and trick. Brimming with confidence and outsourcing the world with passion and destruction.

The album is out on January 22nd.