‘From The Depths’ by Ravened

Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Path

  • Foul Deeds

  • Blackened One

  • We’ll Rise

  • Golden

  • Denial

  • Stridsugglan

  • False Conjunction

  • Onyx

  • The Cunning

  • Personal Universe

  • From The Depths

“The Path,”haunts the field, building up to “Foul Deeds,” which hits hard, and deservedly so, a brilliant opening track.

“Blackened One,” twists and turns, shimmering with brightness before darkening considerably.

“We’ll Rise,” brings the thunder. A song that combines heavy riffage with a turnstile of attitude and headbanging.

“Golden,” slowly works its way into being, and when it gets to the boiling point it unleashes hell.

“Denial,” slows things down, building up the darkness, before unleashing hell.

“Stridsugglan,” moves like a wave, battering down everything in its path.

“False Conjunction,” swaggers. It is filled with groove and power.

“Onyx,” moves with bite and power, twisting the screws through and delivering a smackdown.

“The Cunning,” works the listener up into a suitable state and gets the blood pumping.

“Personal Universe,” shimmers and shakes, tearing through the chaos.

“From The Depths,” the title track finishes things on a high.

The album is out on 7th August via Jono Music.