The legends return with a new album.

“Don’t Call It Love,” is a great opener. Filled with passion and drive, it moves through the framework and delivers the goods. “In The Blood,” rocks out hard, and is a swaggering song that delights. “Heartbreak City,” another song that really gets going and delivers the thunder. “The Devil That You Know,” rocks out, flipping through the scene and breaking the promise of the world in one. “Change or Die,” smashes through the boundaries, delivering some smashing rock and roll. “Roll On,” keeps the flame alive.

“Insanity,” keeps it real. The riffs are on fire. “Hellbender,” takes and it takes and the listener is left demanding more and more. “Wild Horses,” an interesting take on a classic, moving through the world and shimmering through the theme. “Holding On,” roars through, slowly building the feature into the madness of life. “Last Outcast,” delivers the gut punch that is needed on an album such as this. “Arrows and Angels,” shimmers into being with relentless focus.

The album is out on November 8th via Frontiers Music.