‘Epitaph’ by Pyramaze


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Epitaph

  • A Stroke Of Magic

  • Steal My Crown

  • Knights In Shining Armour

  • Bird Of Prey

  • Your Last Call

  • Particle

  • Indestructible

  • Trascendence feat. Brittney Slayes

  • Final Hour

  • World Foregone

  • The Time Traveller feat. Matt Barlow and Lance King

Pyramaze, the legendary power metal band are back with a flourish on their new record Epitaph.

“A Stroke Of Magic,” kicks things off, running the gamut from soaring melodical guitar lines, to fierce precise riffs and a perceptive vocal line that captures the imagination and hooks the listener in almost immediately. “Steal My Crown,” wraps itself in the symphonic melodies of the guitars and turns the vocal lines and the lyrics into something contemplative and fierce. There’s a real drive toward the middle point in this song and it simply amazing. “Knights In Shining Armour,” twists and turns. Working its way through the shimmering melodies of time and space toward the sort of principle that might well deliver something akin to a push of worlds and darkness.

“Particle,” throws down hard. Pushing the boundaries of acceptance through the ground swell of a gigantum riff, that slithers through the passionate plays of the vocal lines and into the heart of darkness. “Indestructible,” moves with power. It grooves with the best of them, turning the song into a song that one can move along to or push into. A song that truly captures the spirit of the band. “Trascendence,” features Unleash The Archer vocalist Brittney Slayes and it is quite the song. The duelling combinations between the two vocalists truly shows off the talent within and without the band and allows the listener to see how they are being wired in.

“Final Hour,” hits hard and fast. The vocals roar into being, delivering something impressive and terrifying in equal measure and as they ramp up to eleven, the listener finds themselves intoxicated. “World Foregone,” shimmers and shifts. It brings the pendulum towards something approaching sanity, and insanity. “The Time Traveller,” is the epic conclusion to the song featuring former Pyramaze vocalist Matt Barlow, it shimmers and shines through. Delivering something that truly captures the band at their best and allowing the listener to find themselves demanding more.

This epic album is out on 13th November via AFM Records.