‘Order Of The Minus’ by Project Renegade


  • Marianna / Vocals

  • Ody / Drums

  • Tasos / Guitar

  • Makis / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Big Boss

  • Liber8

  • Products of War

  • The New Joker

  • In Another Life

  • The Strain

  • Respirator

  • Sylar

  • A Demon Has Escaped The Triangle

  • Black Mountain

“The Big Boss,” is the opener on this most eclectic of albums. It has the radio methods of speaking and ensures that the listener is immediately hooked as they ponder where this is going.

“Liber8,” comes pounding into being. The instrumentation of this song is something else, it is quite refined and dark. There’s an element of the sacrificial edge about it as well, which just adds to the lustre.

“Products of War,” snaps and crackles on the back of some serious riffage. Turning through the screws and breathing life into a new turnabout.

“The New Joker,” gets a bit crazy, slanting around and edging through the turntables.

“In Another Life,” gets straight to the point and wrecks through the convention and the niceties.

“The Strain,” peers into the abyss and comes back without flinching. It takes multiple angles, diverges them this way and that, before unleashing a differing mode of chaos.

“Respirator,” goes softer and more melodic. Allowing the vocals to really shine through and bring themselves to the fore.

“Sylar,” takes a turn here and there, producing some psychedelic and intriguing.

“A Demon Has Escaped The Triangle,” is a hook based song that really captures the imagination and ensures the listener knows just where to turn.

“Black Mountain,” gets dark and then goes light and then turns dark once more. It shimmers on the back floating on the wings of light.