‘Violence Of The Skies’ by Primitai


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


British metal sensations, Primitai, are back with a brand spanking new album entitled Violence Of The Skies  and it is a hell of a record.

Starting with the surreal and ethereal ‘Stars Are My Guide,” the band capture their audience and take them on a journey through the stars and the world. The instrumentation is just superb and the vocals? The vocals are insane. Everything about this just sits right, and ensures the listener is hooked.

“The Uprising,” is heavy and filled with serious melody. It turns and twists on a knife, pressing through and smashing down the doors of time. The vocals weave a tale, and the band fill in the rest.

“The Violence Of The Skies,” is the title track and another epic song from the band. The riffs get the heart going and the vocals weave a tale as old as time. This is a song that will definitely get people going when performed live.

“Put To The Sword,” features Paul Quinn of Saxon fame, and is an absolute ripper, it shreds through time immemorial. Keeping things burning and brimming with energy and temperance, the whole song is epic.

“I’ll Live Again,” is contemplative, thoughtful and reassuring. It weaves its way through the time sphere and into the wider world of chaos. Brimming with sustenance and patience, it takes a turn toward madness.

“Prophecies,” seven and a half minutes of epicness. A finale that captures everything and swarms into being with grace, passion and power. A song that is truly something out of this world. It lets rip and turns the world into a sonic driver of fortune and good will. What a brilliant way to close off the album.

This masterpiece, for what is what it is, is out on 26th March via Rock of Angels Records. Do yourself a favour and get it!