“Let’s Get It Out,” comes thundering in on the back of some seriously gnarly drums and guitar work. It builds up the anticipation and then comes in with a swagger. “Ment For Trouble,” rocks the house down, swimming in swagger and juice, it takes it to the top and then some. “Superman,” brings some interesting melodies to the fore whilst the guitars keep the work up once more. “Wild and Free,” has that anthemic sense to it, with the guitars working it up and the vocals taking on a very Bon Jovi quality. “Give It All Tonight,” rocks the house down, with some seriously moving melodies and growing pains. “Stand My Ground,” works the number into over time, bringing with it some seriously groovy melodies and riffs.

“The Way I Am,” is another anthemic song taking on some interesting melodies and crinkles here and there. “Thanks To You,” takes on a more orchestral feeling, with some seriously bombastic turns here and there, a twisting sense of what might come and what will be. “Shot Me Down,” rocks the fuck out, bringing some seriously gnarl vibes to the fore. “Walk The Edge,” turns and twists this way and that, ensuring that the listeners are hooked. “I Love It,” another rocker that takes a turn here and there. “Break Down The Walls,” rocks the house down.

The album is out on 31st May via Black Lodge/Dead Exit.