Powerwolf return with a new album and boy does it kick some serious ass.

Fire and Forgive kicks things off, with ominous bells tolling and the guitars fading in, then moves into the epic chants of old. Fire and Forgive delivers a punch, a kick and a growl, bringing some serious epicness to kick things off. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend is done in perfect Powerwolf style, some epic organ harmonies, some nice driving guitar riffs, and some awesome vocals, bringing fire, punch and power to the fore. Killers With The Cross is filled with big anthemic vocals, a driving riff, and some seriously kick ass melody and groove, bringing energy and power to the fore, driving and grooving the entire way through. Incense and Iron moves and grooves like one of the forgotten Iron Maiden songs of old, powerful vocals and snarling guitars make this an epic song, expect this in the set list long term. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone is slightly slower, more thoughtful, with that haunting quality that makes Powerwolf one of the greatest bands of their generation. Delivered with a punch and a snarl. Stossgebet is powerful, driving, snarling and greatness personified. The guitars drive the way forward with powerful licks and precision. The vocals tell a haunting story that is sure to get people on edge throughout.

Nightside of Siberia is filled with grooving riffs, fire and might, a song that carries the weight of its name perfectly and ensures that nobody forgets the band performing it. Perfectly executed. The Sacrament of Sin is a perfect example of Powerwolf’s pomposity executed in a perfect and downright metal manner, soaring guitars, driving riffs, powerful and enchanting vocals and downright aggression colour proceedings. Venom of Venus is driving, cocky and bold, with the vocals and the guitars engaging in a nice little dance to charm and swat out potential easy listeners. Nighttime Rebel is another anthem, that is sure to get people going, it is filled with big choruses, and chanting vocals that are to get people singing along. Fist By Fist is the perfect album closer, filled with big anthemic vocals, the organ leading the way on the melodies, and the guitars snarling and chanting their way through. This is a song that is going to get a lot of live airplay.

Be sure to get the album when it is released on 20th July via Napalm Records.