‘Best Of The Blessed’ by Powerwolf


  • Attila Dorn / Vocals

  • Matthew Greywolf / Guitar

  • Charles Greywolf / Guitar

  • Falk Maria Schlegel / Organ

  • Roel van Helden / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • We Drink Your Blood (New Version)

  • Army Of The Night

  • Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend

  • Werewolves of Armenia (New Version 2020)

  • Saturday Satan (New Version 2020)

  • Amen and Attack

  • Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

  • Resurrection By Erection (New Version 2020)

  • Sanctified With Dynamite (New Version 2020)

  • Kreuzfeuer

  • Armata Strigoi

  • Kiss Of The Cobra King (New Version 2019)

  • Killers With The Cross

  • Sacred and Wild

  • In Blood We Trust (New Version 2020)

  • Let There Be Night

  • Fire and Forgive

  • Incense and Iron

  • Amen and Attack

  • Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend

  • Killers With The Cross

  • Armata Strigoi

  • Blessed and Possessed

  • Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

  • Resurrection By Erection

  • Stossgebet

  • All We Need Is Blood

  • We Drink Your Blood

  • Werewolves Of Armenia

  • Lupus die

  • Sanctified With Dynamite

  • Army Of The Night

  • Coleus Sanctus

  • Let There Be Night

Powerwolf are a power metal band who mix the pompous with the profane and bring in some seriously heavy riffage and sweet, sweet melody into the mix as well. On Best of the Blessed, fans are treated to not only the standard best of setlist, but also several newly re-recorded versions of classics and an entire CD dedicated to showing off how good Powerwolf are live.

New versions of “We Drink Your Blood,” “Werewolves of Armenia,” “Saturday Satan,” “Kiss of the Cobra King,” and that festival classic “Resurrection By Erection,” show off the polish and steel that Powerwolf have become known for, whilst also bringing a little bit of a new taste to them in 2020.

The second and third CDs which contains the live setlist, sees Powerwolf embrace their inner demons and simply explode into greatness through 18 songs of pure perfection. Songs such as opener “Fire and Forgive,” and “Armata Strigoi,” are particular highlights. Whilst songs such as “Army of the Night,” and “Let There Be Night,” show just how well Powerwolf know their audience, they are perfect finishers.

This gem of an album comes out on 3rd July via Napalm Records, be sure to get it!