‘Pile Of Priests’ by Pile Of Priests


  • Evan Salvador / Vocals and Guitar

  • Evan Knight / Drums

  • Daryl Martin / Guitar

  • Patrick Leyn / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Intro

  • The Aversion

  • Death Of The Paragon

  • Exile Unto Divination

  • Conjuction Of Souls

  • The Threshold

  • Deus Delenda Est

  • Bloodstained Citadel

  • The Restitution

“Intro,”sets the scene quite nicely, allowing the listener to bathe in some reflective light.

“The Aversion,” is like a battering ram to the face. It slams down hard and produces something quite compelling.

“Death Of The Paragon,” slowly builds itself into a frenzy working into overtime before crashing into the distance.

“Exile Unto Divination,” snarls and thrashes through, delivering a lightning rod to the face.

“Conjunction Of Souls,” is a a galloping frenzy. A song that truly gets people going and ensures that the world knows just what they want.

“The Threshold,” slowly shimmers through the twilight of time, producing something quite compelling and dark.

“Deus Delenda Est,” is anthemic, a song that will worm itself into the subconscious of the listener and have them singing along before too long.

“Bloodstained Citadel,” snarls into being. A song that delivers all sorts of chaos and light and darkness.

“The Restitution,” takes a slow dive into being and produces a world of rage and pain.

The album is out on 22nd May via Extreme Metal Music