‘Phase IV Genocide’ by Phase Reverse


  • Takis Mark / Vocals

  • Alex Alexiou / Drums

  • Kostas Kotsikas / Guitar

  • John Chief Stergiou / Guitar

  • Tas Ioannidis / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Return

  • Destruction On Demand

  • Genocide

  • Copy 10-4

  • Know Thy Shit

  • Die and Let Live

  • Delete

  • Eat What You’re Served

  • Sound Of My Stone

  • Martyr Of The Phase

“The Return,” is a psychedelic treat gets the listener amped up and prepared to go. “Destruction On Demand,” continues the heat, pushing the boundaries of acceptable practice through the terminals, slashing demand and then delivering the goods, all so that the listener can get into the right frame of mind to truly lose their shit. “Genocide,” gets the groove and the swagger into play as the darkness grows and the heaviness unleashes itself into the open.

“Die and Let Live,” hammers the shit out of the listener, playing into the passions of the band with a sledgehammer riff and a tempestuous melody for all to hear. “Delete,” swans in and out, pushing the world through the torment of time and then unleashing pure chaos.

“Sound Of My Stone,” pushes the world through, lancing together the world of rage and the whirlpool of insanity for all to see. “Martyr Of The Phase,” is the heavy finale that dances with epicness and pushes the boundaries of insanity toward the pendulum of darkness.

An excellent album that is out on 11th December via ROAR.