‘Titanium’ by Phantom Elite


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Conjure Rains,” starts things off with a hammer blow. Smashing down the doors of time and inviting the world in. The song is a cascading sense of melody and freneticism that chimes well with the world outside.

“The Race,” saunters into being, turning the world upside down. A song that hits the right notes, whilst shimmering through the darkened edges of time to produce something magical and mystical.

“Glass Crown,” filters through the darkness. It produces some intriguing shifts and starts, pressing into a new sensation and inviting chaos into being.

“Bravado,” rummages through the pressing concerns of time. It works through the whirlpool of imagination and decadence to bring summery views into being.

“Deliverance,” slams down hard, passing the darkness into the world.

“Eyes Wide Open,” hits the hammer hard, and finishes up high.

The album is out on 22nd January via Frontiers Music.