‘The Rise’ by Peter Carlsohn


  • Peter Carlsohn / Vocals and Bass

  • Michael Ulvsgärd  / Drums

  • Stephen Carlson / Guitar

  • Lars Carlsohn / Guitar

  • Svenne Jansson / Keyboards


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Holy Ground

  • Why

  • Sing The Song

  • Shine Your Light

  • I Want It All

  • You Are My Life

  • Gloria

  • Kiss From Above

  • Out Of The Blue

  • The Dream

“Holy Ground,”kicks off proceedings with some impressive riffage, turning around and delivering something unique.

“Why,” is filled with melody and grace. A song that captures the mood of the people completely.

“Sing The Song,” turns things up full throttle, whizzing past the world and smashing through the grounds.

“Shine Your Light,” rolls and turns. The leads on this song are phenomenal.

“I Want It All,” is like a rolling ball, it is filled with swagger and delivers on all untold promises.

“You Are My Life,” hits hard.

“Gloria,” is anthemic, a song that really gets things going.

“Kiss From Above,” is a rocker, a song that captures the spirit and moves forward.

“Out Of The Blue,” is another rocker, this time with added swagger.

“The Dream,” is a fitting finale.

The album is out on August 7th via Jono Music.