‘Time For A Miracle’ by Perfect Plan


  • Kent Hilli / Vocals

  • Rolf Nordstrom / Guitar

  • Leif Ehlin / Keyboards

  • Mats Bystrom / Bass

  • Frederik Forsberg / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Time For A Miracle

  • Better Walk Alone

  • Heart To Stone

  • Fighting To Win

  • Everytime We Cry

  • What About Love

  • Nobody’s Fool

  • Living On The Run

  • Just One Wish

  • Don’t Blame It On Love Again

  • Give A Little Lovin’

  • Don’t Leave Me Here Alone

“Time For A Miracle,” is the heavy opener for the new album by Perfect Plan. The riffs are orchestral, the vocals are menacing and the overall feeling of the song is one of foreboding.

“Better Walk Alone,” a song that combines a driving rhythm with a bombastic vocal approach to really let the message hit home.

“Heart To Stone,” is a ode to the riff. Filled with pulsating riffs and driving melodies, the song moves in rapid frequency, turning through the shifting strands of time and delivering something quite fascinating.

“Fighting To Win,” slowly shifts through the little straps of time, delivering an interesting twist to the normalcy of proceedings.

“Every Time We Cry,” brings the piano out in force, pushing things to the brink and delivering a sharp edge.

“What About Love,” brings the riffs out in full force. The piano is a nice little touch, whilst the vocals add to a sense of something new shifting into being.

“Nobody’s Fool,” works the strands of time through to the brink, delivering a subtle twist of menace into being.

“Living On The Run,” turns into a rock and roll paradise. A song that is filled with energy and pace.

“Just One Wish,” gets things going, a song that turns into an anthem the longer it runs. A fascinating twist of the myth.

“Don’t Blame It On Love Again,” shimmers through the twisting strands of time, slowly bringing together an epic melody that combines the musical portions into something new and enlightening.

“Give A Little Lovin’,” gets the blood pumping.

“Don’t Leave Me Here Alone,” slows things down a tad, bringing the epicness front and centre. A great way to finish proceedings.

The album is out on 4th September via Frontiers Music.