‘Live At The Sharpener’s House’ by Perfect Plan


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Time For A Miracle,” kicks off proceedings with a deftness and subtly that shows experience. Getting the crowd amped up for the madness to follow.

“Heart To Stone,” lets the crowds fly, the sparks unleash something powerful and entertaining. Turning and twisting the tide.

“What About Love?” is a critical interplay between righteousness and turning the kid.

“Better Walk Alone,” creaks and creeps, a song that turns the sparks into something new and something more.

“In And Out Of Love,” is bombastic and anthemic, turning and twisting.

“Heaven In Your Eyes,” is ballad tastic.

“Don’t Leave Me Here Alone,” slowly turns and brings about a rapid finish.

The album is out on 10th December via Frontiers Music