‘Riders Of The Sun’ by Percival


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Riders Of The Sun,” kicks things off. A song that batters through the whirlwind of time and hits all the right notes. It slips and snarls, biting through the chaos. A strong opener.

“Twilight Of The Gods,” is something else entirely. A song that really captures the imagination, shifting the focus through time and space. Hinting at a world just out of reach, and stretching through the timescape.

“Raise Your Arms,” is a rocker. A song that merges together the best of both worlds. A rocker and a headbanger that is sure to get people moving.

“Phoenix On The Sword,” is a battering ram to the throat. Smashing down everything and turning the tide so completely that the listener is addicted.

“Across The Sea,” is a call to arms. A song that is sure to get the listener addicted. The riffs get everything grooving, the melodies soar, and the vocals just compliment the whole thing stupendously well.