“Awakening,” kicks things off for this record with some soaring and shredding melodies, that weave themselves together quite nicely into an intricate web. The vocals come in and shape it into an absolute blitzkrieg, a fantastic opening track. “Divine Providence,” takes the toll one way up from the past, and ensures the listener is hooked. The rhythms are solid and the leads rip open a new hole for the listener. “Carpe Diem,” shreds. It well and truly shreds, bringing something new and exciting to the fore. “Call Of The Night,” is a little more basic. Taking the time to growl and snarl with a brutal accuracy. “Black Omen,” takes a turn, weaving itself this way and that before courting the old world. “Fall From Grace,” moves itself on to the path of destruction with a clear goal in mind, that being one of absolute chaos.

“Bury The Light,” moves with freneticism, and ensures the listener is hooked from the first movement of the guitars. “Shoot For The Sun,” takes things into overdrive, shooting through and increasing the speed of the listener’s heartbeat. “Vagrant,” boils through and ensures the listener has to keep going at a hundred percent to sustain themselves. “Dawn Of Rebirth,” moves within and without, before pressuring into nothingness. “Genesis,” is a galloping madman on steroids.

The album is out now via Prosthetic Records.