‘Reject The System’ by Palace


  • Harald Piller / Vocals and Guitar

  • Harry Reiter / Drums

  • Nick Berger / Guitar

  • Tom Mayer / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Force of Steel

  • Soulseeker

  • Final Call Of Destruction

  • The Faker

  • Hail To The Metal Lord

  • Bloodstained World

  • Valhalla Land

  • Legion Of Resistance

  • Wings of Storm

  • No One Break My Will

“Force of Steel,”is the riff machine opening for Palace’s new album. A song that really captures the mood of the movement and the moment, a song that is sure to get people moving.

“Soulseeker,” is another riff machine song coming from Palace. This song clearly demonstrates that Palace are a band who know their audience and are determined to do what it takes to deliver the goods.

“Final Call of Destruction,” shimmers through the plains. As things go on it is clear that this is perhaps one of the clear hits off the bark for Palace. A song that will deliver them into the world of fortune.

“The Faker,” brings the riff machinery to the fore and ensures that the listener is completely captivated.

“Hail To The Metal Lord,” is an anthem and a half. A song that shows off just how good Palace truly are. It’s got an interesting mix of elements from the far and the few to the bombastic.

“Bloodstained World,” lets loose with the thunderous approval of the crowd. The guitars jangle together in a sonata of madness and frenzy.

“Valhalla Land,” shimmers and shakes. A song that twists along the vines of serenity before bringing together the world of focus.

“Legion of Resistance,” is a riff sandwich. A song that ventures forth and takes the cake without even blinking.

“Wings of Storm,” shimmers through the day, turning and twisting.

“No One Will Break My Will,”  smattering of raucous chaos.

The album is out on 3rd April via Massacre Records.