Stozhary starts things off, with a synth fading in and a discordant minor guitar lick, the chills are present, and one can tell something brutal is about to come. At The Heart Of Carpathians is that brutality, a strong solid thumping riff, added onto the dark edges of a vocal melody and some serious drum work. Nightforest goes from clean to dark within a few beats, fundamentally brutal. Black Mountain is another gruesome number. Fatherland is furious and pounding.

Belted By Spirit snarls and bites, producing a real gritty atmosphere. The Gloom slants and dances along, ensuring that the feeling is right. Podolyanka continues the theme of intrigue and continuance, on the back of a solid melody. From Carpathian Land is snarling and gritty.

The album is out July 31st via Azermedoth Records.