‘Decimator’ by Oxblood Forge


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Into The Abyss,” starts things off with a raucous and haunting beginning. A song that combines epic melodies with sensorious riffage. A song that truly sends chills down the listener’s spine.

“Forged In Fire,” turns through the tide, brimming with confidence and energy.

“Mortal Salience,” hits the hammer hard. A song that brims with riffage and darkness. A song that hits the right notes and turns the twist on.

“Screams From Silence,” turn the gamut. A song that gets going through the turnstiles and the drainage. A song that encapsulates the doom mentality.

“Ironbound,” is the definitive conclusion. A song that hits completely new heights and turns the battlefield into the graveyard of all the nasayers. Brilliantly done.

The album is out on 18th June.