‘Horrorscope’ by Overkill


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Coma,” takes a turn around the sun. Creeping through the remembrance of time and slowly livering and leveraging the melodies of the whirlwind.

“Blood Money,” creeps along, twisting the turning of the tide and hitting the amazing spot of the world.

“Bare Bones,” creeps along, haemorrhaging the tide.

“New Machine,” slams down the creeping tide, punishing the listener’s senses with overdrive and driving grooves.

“Live Young, Die Free,” hammers the crowd. Sleeping and slinking through, taking the whirlwind out  of the chaotic madness.

“Soulitude,” slowly moves and hits a stop and a sport, creeping through the maddening sleekness.

The album is out on 3rd December via BMG as part of the Atlantic Years Box Set.