‘Dixie Highway’ by Outlaws


  • Henry Paul / Vocals and Guitar

  • Monte Yoho / Drums

  • Dale Oliver / Guitar

  • Steve Grisham / Guitar

  • Dave Robbins / Keyboards

  • Randy Threet / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Southern Rock Will Never Die

  • Heavenly Blues

  • Dixie Highway

  • Overnight From Athens

  • Endless Ride

  • Dark Horse Run

  • Rattlesnake Road

  • Lonesome Boy From Dixie

  • Showdown

  • Windy City’s Blues.

  • Macon Memories

“Southern Rock Will Never Die,” comes in strong with the harmonies on the guitars. It moves with the venture and turns the twist this way and that. The vocals are filled with energy and grit.

“Heavenly Blues,” is a bluesy jam that really gets the listener going.

“Dixie Highway,” goes all rocky and brings the thunder with it.

“Over Night From Athens,” jams well together, slowly bringing in the slower and more reflective element to the fore.

“Endless Ride,” brings the reflective mentality up a notch.

“Dark Horse Run,” is simply epic.

“Rattlesnake Road,” is a real rocker. Filled to the hilt with the bluesy switch and swagger.

“Lonesome Boy From Dixie,” is up tempo with the edge of having harmonised guitars working into overtime.

“Showdown,” increases the feeling of reflection within the band, and that is no bad thing.

“Windy City’s Blue,” rolls with the punches, and goes in hard.

“Macon Memories,” harmonises through together.

The album is out on 28th February via Steamhammer/SPV.