‘Foundations’ by Osyron


  • Reed / Vocals

  • Krzysztof Stalmach¬†/ Guitar

  • Bobby Harley / Guitar

  • Tyler Corbett / Bass

  • Cody Anstey / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Cross

  • Ignite

  • Battle Of The Thames

  • The Ones Below

  • Foundations

“The Cross,”kicks off proceedings, a subtle melody playing in the background whilst the drums slowly hammer out a rhythm and a feeling. The guitars come in and hammer a melody out whilst the vocals soar into being, narrating a tale as told as time.

“Ignite,” a battering ram to the face. A song that merges together two competing elements, the need for speed, and the curious desire for melodical contextualisation.

“Battle Of The Thames,” a soaring epic which touches into the heart of everyone, ensuring that this is a song that will live for a long time.

“The Ones Below,” amps things up considerably. Never slowing down for a moment and allowing the riff sandwich to rage.

“Foundations,” brings the acoustic melodies out in full force. Slowly shifting the tenuous change into something a little more concrete and definitive before the thunder is brought.

The album is out on 10th July.