‘Draconian Time’ by Numenor


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Make The Stand,” comes blistering in like a whirlwind. It snarls and roars through the catacomb of time. Hansi Kursch is on fire throughout the song as well, adding flourishes and power plays here and there.

“Hall Of The Mountain King,” mixes intriguing influences with the classical song. Bringing something new and exciting to the light.

“Mirror, Mirror,” batters its way into being. Slamming down hard and emphasising the riffs and the textures of insanity. A song that truly brings out the best within and without.

“Where Battle Rages On,” slams down hard. Pushing things through a collective turn about. Roaring and raging into the storm.

“Twilight Of The Gods,” pushes the boundaries a little bit further. It twists into the night, and delivers something ethereal and haunting.

“The Last Of The Wizards,” finishes things off with a grand flourish.

The album is out on 5th March.