‘III’ by NoN


  • Steph Honde / Vocals

  • Ricky Marx / Guitar

  • Ranzo / Drums

  • Claudio Nasuti / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Intro

  • Two Worlds Away

  • Woman In The Dark

  • Until We Say Goodbye

  • Circle Of Pain

  • Eyes Of A Child

  • Point Of No Return

  • Another Story

  • Ordinary World

  • Another Chance

  • Afterlife

“Two Worlds Away,”kickstarts proceedings, a soaring rocker that gets the heart racing. It feeds seamlessly into “Woman In The Dark,” both songs exuding swagger and power. Songs that truly capture the intent and the spirit behind the band.

As the album progresses, the listener gets the full treatment and is truly able to see where the darkness and light come to meet. Songs such as “Circle of Pain,” and “Eyes of A Child,” hit the rump quite hard. Filled to the brim with meaty riffs and subtle melodies, they truly touch upon something special.

“Ordinary World,” and “Afterlife,” help close things out, dangling the rope from one end and removing it with the other.

This is a phenomenal album that everyone should be sure to get when it is released on 18th September,