‘The Ruthless Divine’ by Niviane


  • Norman Skinner / Vocals

  • Gary Tarplee / Guitar

  • Mark Miner / Guitar

  • Aaron Robitch / Keyboards

  • Andy Abberley / Bass

  • Noe Luna / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • League of Shadows

  • Crown Of Thorns

  • Dreams Crash Down

  • The Ruthless Divine

  • Fires In The Sky

  • Fallen From Elysium

  • Forgotten Centurion

  • Niviane

  • Psychomanteum

  • Sinking Ships

  • Like Lions

Niviane return with a brand new album filled with delightfully heavy power metal.

“League of Shadows,” is the ominous opener that moves through stages before engaging in a powerfully demolition riff that pushes the listener to the extremes. It then bleeds into “Crown Of Thorns,” another song that contains a seriously epic riff and enables the listener to imagine just where things are going. The vocals on this song are insane.

“Fires In The Sky,” is epic. The guitars and drums combine to turn this song into something phenomenal. Something that would get the crowd going in a live performance. This is followed by “Fallen From Elysium,” which turns into a rocker. A song that powers through on the back of a mighty riff and shifts the screws ever so slightly toward insanity.

Then there comes the finale “Niviane,” gets the listener thinking. It moves through melodical compositions and turns the screens into the basis of a mad hatter play. Fantastic. “Sinking Ships,” is powerful, epic and brilliant all in one go. It combines softer melodies with harder edges to truly get the blood pumping. Then finishing off with “Like Lions,” is the kick in the gut that everyone needs. Phenomenal.

The album is out on October 30th, be sure to get it!