‘Echo Black’ by Ninth Circle


  • Dennis Brown / Vocals and Guitar

  • Frank Forray / Bass

  • Richie Brooks / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Dance Of Swords

  • The Angel’s Share

  • Echo Black

  • Forever More

  • Tokyo Nights

  • Prelude To Glory

  • Shadow Of Giants

  • Return Of The King

  • Riding The Storm

  • Then and There

  • Natural High

  • When The Sun Goes Down

  • Warrior

“Dance of Swords,”begins with a siren wailing before entering into a riff frenzy. The melodies within the song connect it together as Ninth Circle weave a fascinating tale of mystery and war.

“The Angel’s Share,” continues the epic trend. Battering riffs mix with a bulldozing rhythm section to truly bring about the whirlwind for all to see.

“Echo Black,” the title track sees the guitars duelling for sunshine as the rhythm section gets a steady tempo going. The vocals work their way in, and Ninth Circle are on a roll.

“Forever More,” works hard and drives the day. It pushes proceedings beyond their normal. Ninth Circle make perfect use of harmonies to get things going.

“Tokyo Nights,” is a groover. A song that ventures forth and descends into something new.

“Prelude To Glory,” mixes acoustic and electric elements together to produce a dizzying combination that soon extends into a galloping frenzy to excite the world.

“Shadow Of Giants,” sees Ninth Circle embrace their epic side. The song is carved together through different elements, acoustic, melodic, dark, persuasive and chaotic. It unfurls the standard of the time before slowly moving into overdrive.

“Return Of The King,” is a real piece of work. A galloping monster of a song that shows the listener the talents of Ninth Circle. A song without peer.

“Riding The Storm,” is frenetic and chaotic. A riff sandwich and a half.

“Then And There,” goes melodical and shifts the tenor of conversations.

“Natural High,” sees Ninth Circle adopt a new approach. A neo-classical take on some very interesting motiffs.

“When The Sun Goes Down,” is a swaggering piece of metal. A song that veers through and delivers a collection of power and might.

“Warrior,” moves with frenetic energy, smashing down doors and demanding Ninth Circle be heard.

This fantastic album is out on June 26th.