‘Apocalypse by Nightfear


  • Lorenzo Mutiozabal / Vocals

  • Ismael Retana / Guitar

  • Ángel Fernández / Guitar

  • Manuel Moreno / Bass

  • Osckar Bravo / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • We Are Back

  • Shine

  • Living Your Life

  • A Better World

  • The Stranger

  • Psichokiller

  • Through The Stars

  • Nuclear Winter

  • The Evil In You

  • Angels of Apocalypse

“We Are Back,”comes pounding in on the back of a solid drum beat, the guitars shred and everything just hits the spot. A perfect opener.

“Shine,” rocks out hard. That opening riff is something fascinating. A song that is composed of various melodical interludes that combine together to deliver a beautiful product.

“Living Your Life,” sneaks its way through the dormant senses within the listener’s mind and slowly takes control.

“A Better World,” slams hard. Turning around and bringing about the might of the world for all to see.

“The Stranger,” gets interesting. Slowly moving through the various stages of empowerment, it eventually unleashes its potential for all to see.

“Psichokiller,” rages hard and fast, bringing with it the destruction of the mind. A song that will no doubt get people thrashing and headbanging when performed live.

“Through The Stars,” contorts itself into something that can be shaped and shifted around as needs must.

“Nuclear Winter,” is intense a song that breathes new life into the album and really lets the listener cut loose.

“The Evil In You,” continues on the righteous path, devoting the necessary resources to demolish any preconceptions and then to build everything back up again, all whilst maintaining a killer melody.

“Angels Of Apocalypse,” starts off slowly, breathing life into the song and allowing it to grow. Slowly, very slowly, it gets heavier and darker, before cutting loose completely and demolishing the listener’s jaw.