‘Northern Steel’ by Neptune


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Prophecy

  • Viking Stone

  • Last Man Standing

  • Fallen Nations

  • Angels

  • Northern Steel

  • Black Rain

  • Run For Your Life

  • Land of Northern

  • Seriously

  • Ruler Of The Sea

  • Vanheim

“The Prophecy,” builds up the excitement and expectation of the listener, leading into the grandness that is “Viking Stone,” a pure riff sandwich and one that gets the groove going. A strong opener. “Last Man Standing,” gets the riffs to move about, shifting through the strands of the world, shredding through and demolishing concepts before it. “Fallen Nations,” breathes new life into the concept of the story telling saga song, and it brims with confidence as a result. A powerful song and one that should be played on repeat.

“Land of Northern,” is epic, soaring through the crowd and bringing together different strands of thought for one singular purpose. “Seriously,” grooves and jives, turning the rhythm into a swaggering giant that really gets the goat. “Ruler Of The Sea,” is epic, a song that moves and shakes with the waves of time, the riffs soar, and the vocals compliment the pattern. “Vanheim,” is an epic conclusion.

This glorious album is out on 6th November via Black Lodge, be sure to get it!