Molten Mind is pounding, with a solid jagged riff, and a huge sound overall, the vocals are soaring and snarling, filled with rage and anger. Second Chance has groove and swagger, keeping things alive and filled with energy through the dancing chords and shifting movements. Golden Mean has big riffs, some hints of Lamb of God thrown in with some extra metal melodies and snarling vocals. Cosmic Genes is heavy, with an absolutely brutal riff, filled to the brim with edge and darkness, something that keeps things very interesting. Dark Matter perfects the formula, with the stop start riffs, the sweeping melodies, and the barking vocals. Phillia Lost is slower, more melancholic, shifting through the strands and keeping things very interesting through building into absolute carnage with the heaviness of the riffs.

Matrix Sleep combines the swagger filled riffs that have become a hallmark of the band, with some serious groove metal induced standards, and some mathematics rock. Nanogods is brutal, and full on, bringing sharp edges, dancing across the tracks, and bringing the moshpit to the listener. Pictures Of Future is industrial, with big, fat riffs, dancing movements and swaggering vocals. Quintessence starts with some rhythmic drumming before moving into the jungle dance of riff and drum combatting one another for supremacy. The vocals snarl into existence and the album rounds off nicely.

The album is out on 18th June and will be available from the band’s website: