‘Terrastory’ by Neorhythm


  • Evgeniy Rassadkin / Guitars, Bass, Drums

  • Demether Grail / Vocals


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Mirovia

  • Photosynthesis and Its Aftermath

  • Milken Step of Humankind

  • Fight For Fire

  • Zeus Rules!

  • Empire Glory

  • The Critique Of Dark Reason

  • Sapere Aude

  • Global Mayhems

  • Information Age

  • Anticipations

“Mirovia,”opens up this album and sets the darkened chords by which we shall follow the band down this pathway. Haunting and ethereal.

“Photosynthesis and Its Aftermath,” grooves hard. The riffs imbue the spirit of stop and start that really gets the listener’s goat going. Filled with strength and guts, the vocals weave their way through and into the listener’s skull.

“Milken Step of Humankind,” roars into being. Demonstrating where and when to increase the edge ever so slightly, before dropping the big reveal right in the middle of the song.

“Fight For Fire,” is guttural and primal. A song that delivers on the many layers of aggression and perspiration that are needed for deliverance.

“Zeus Rules,” darkens the night sky. Slowly it crawls into being, bringing about the scene of destruction that informs the listener of their upcoming demise and why they should be happy with it.

“Empire Glory,” is haunting and imperial. A song that weaves together different strands of the band’s mentality and forges it into an ironclad discourse for the end of the world.

“The Critique of Dark Reason,” slams hard. Moving into a steady off beat to produce a whirlwind of emotion.

“Sapere Aude,” rolls hard. Snaking through in true djent spirit, it weaves itself together to form a bond of indestructible carnage, weaving the snake through and ensuring that the listener is hooked.

“Global Mayhems,” rolls and gallops into being. The song lays the groundwork for the explosion that comes out of the barn and delivers the real deal.

“Information Age,” gallops and snarls. The odd pinched harmonic delivering some sweet satisfaction for the listener.

“Anticipations,” finishes things off in style, delivering a real hardcore performance.

The album is out on 20th March.