“The Savage Sword,” by Nemedian Chronicles


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Nemedian Chronicles,” is an intriguing scene, turning through the majestic scenes of time. A crucible within the majestic story of time.

“Venarium,” smoothes through the lines of time, hitting the tempest and bringing the cascading lines of time.

“Tower Of The Elephant,” humours the criss-crossing of patience and shifting loyalties. Changing the majesties of the patience and parlance.

“The Savage Sword,” hits the right spots, and tendrils come to life and boil within the patience of time.

“Black Lotus/The Curse of Thog,” is an epic and majestic piece of music, a song that terrifies the listener.

“The Song of Red Sonja,” is a fitting conclusion to the majestic turn of time, a boiling sense of passion.

The album is out on 23rd February via No Remorse Records.