Burn and Fall has it all, big bold riffs, incredible harmonies and some nice little groove and shifts, the vocals are harsh and biting, the rhythms are precise and ferocious. Leave The Lights On pummels the shit out of the listener, with fierce and precise rhythms and vocal melodies. Total Rejection is snarling, biting and critical. Malevolent is slower, with the heaviness turned up to eleven. We Did We Do We Always Burning is a mesh of styles, ranging from avant garde to piercing metal of the highest thrash degree. Imperial snakes and dances.

My Name is Vengeance is haunting, and dark, with added elements of bite and grit. Forbid Me From Living snarls, slowly building up to a crescendo that does not relent, for even a moment. Unleashed is fast, pounding, serious and grooving, built on the back of a seriously moving riff. Religion Living Fast is slow burn, with the epic qualities of a burning riff and mosh. Personal Enemy is built on a jagged riff and a piercing bass groove. The Nightmare Continues is fast, slow, moving, stagnant and everything else combined into one.

The album is out 28th September via El Puerto Records.