‘The Final Chapter’ by Necronomicon


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“I Am The Violence,” is the bombastic and powerful opener for this classic record. It snarls and hits like a wind pipe turning the world into destruction and chaos.

“Wall Of Pain,” will most definitely get the listeners going. It is powerful thrash designed to be unleashed for all to consume. Smashing the whirlpool of time and space.

“Burning The Fury,” works through a timepool, slowly delivering chaotic melodies to flit through the pool of time.

“Selling Nightmares,” burns with passionate fury, roaring into the mindscape of time and space. Delivering a crushing blow to the sensibilities of time.

“The Devil’s Tears,” burnishes its credentials with a rapid descent into the time and space of the world. An evil concoction meant to bring about a summersault of space.

“Me Against You,” is a burning finale. A song that reaps the whirlwind and delivers a crushing sense of destruction.

The album is out on 26th March via El Puerto Records.